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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried my best to answer any questions you may have below but should you have any others, please get in touch!


Do you play Clarsach or Pedal Harp?

For weddings, I usually perform on a pedal harp but I can also perform on a smaller folk harp called the Clarsach. The Clarsach is better know for traditional music and is more portable but if you’re having a large number of guests, I’d recommend the pedal harp and the sound carries much better.

How much space does the harp need?

Pedal (concert) harp needs an area of 2m x 3m, while the Clarsach requires about 2m x 2m.

Do you take special requests?

Yes, I’m always excited to learn new music and requests are a great way to do this! Please let me know at least one month before the ceremony about any special requests to allow the time for me to arrange and learn the music.

How many songs will you play?

The answer to this question varies hugely but at an absolute minimum, I will play ten songs for the arrival of your guests and five songs for your ceremony - one for the arrival of the bride, three for the signing of the register and a fourth song to accompany you both up the aisle. If you would like me to play for your drinks reception or wedding breakfast, I perform an average of twenty songs an hour. I will tailor my set to include as many of your favourites from my list as you would like, this can mean you choosing all the songs played throughout the day or just choosing your four songs for the ceremony and leaving the rest to me, it is entirely up to you.

Can you play outside?

Yes, BUT, this is weather dependent. If there is any hint of rain, this is bad for my instrument so I then have to be inside. If you’re planning on having your weddings outdoors, I am only happy to be part of your big day if there is a back up plan!

How do you transport your harp?

To get to gigs, my big pedal harp travels in the back of my estate car with the seats folded down. For short distances (for example from the ceremony room to the reception room) I move my instrument using a special trolley designed for moving the harps. 

Can you move from one area to another during a wedding day?

Yes - please let me know in advance if this is between two separate venues as additional charges may apply if I am required to drive to another venue. Please also take the time it takes to move between venues into consideration.

Can you take your harp upstairs?

Yes, I am able to take my harp up most sets of stairs - however, the pedal harp is unable to go up spiral staircases. Please let me know if your venue has stairs so I am aware and even better, please let me know if there is a lift!

Is there an opportunity to meet you before we decide to book?

Yes, I am available for meetings in my studio in the west end of Glasgow. My harp is there too so should you want to hear any songs in particular, I am happy to play you some snippets in our meeting.

Do you play events other than weddings?

Yes, I perform at corporate events, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and any other occasion. I am also available for recitals - get in touch to find out more.

How much do you charge for playing at a function?

This depends mainly on:
- the location of the venue, and
- the duration of the performance

Prices start at £200, please Contact me for further details.